Thursday August 28 to
Sunday August 31, 2014

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As Slaughterhouse turns 20 (!) we've decided to return to our roots. Slaughterhouses 1 and 2 were camping rallies, as were 7 and 8. We figured it's about time to take the party back to nature.

We'll be camping at Papa Murphs (799 Illinois 71, Oglesby, IL 61348) which seems pretty darn near perfect. They are okay with loud drunk people who bring their own booze, but will be happy to serve us in the bar. Oh-- the bar has video gambling, a couple pool tables, and there's no one around to annoy. Even if you're not camping, they're cool if you come hang out at the rally.

For those who don't enjoy camping with loud drunks and 2-stroke engines, the lovely Starved Rock State Park is just a mile up the road. For those who don't like camping at all, there is Grizzly Jack's Resort (with waterpark!) a half-mile away and many other hotels in the area. Bear in mind that this is a holiday weekend and campsites/hotels will book up, so don't delay.

If you do plan to camp at Papa Murphs, please let us know on our Facebook page so we can get them a rough headcount.

There is no online pre-registration but there will be a minimal registration fee at the event, and campers must pay $8/head (not per-tent!) at the bar. If we end up overbooked, camping may be limited to those who RSVP'ed. All campers must be 21 unless accompanied by a parent/guardian. (Papa Murph's rules, probably having something to do with their liquor license.)


(Very rough, more details and sponsors coming!)

Thursday August 28:
Evening Meet-and-Greet (in Chicago)

Friday August 29:
Group ride to rally (maybe multiple rides with different times/locations)
(Note: it's about 100 miles, or 2 hours, mostly on IL-71. If you have a slow or unreliable scooter, you may want to trailer it out. If you're riding with a group, we'll be able to throw your camping gear in a car/truck that will follow us out.)
Registration for the rally and camping ($8 per person per night, pay at the bar)
Burninatin' and Drinkinatin'

Saturday August 30:
Group ride through the scenic countryside!
Starved Rock exploration
Swimmin' hole (Note: we could end up swimming under a bridge with some dirty hillbillies)
Food TBD. BBQ?
Burninatin' and Drinkinatin'

Sunday August 31:
Say your tearful goodbyes
Group ride(s) back to Chicago

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