Slaughterhouse XV - Chicago's Longest Running Scooter Rally

Labor Day Weekend, September 3-6, 2008
$5 registration fee includes a patch, and a wristband which gets you access to group activities, drink specials, and meals Saturday and Sunday. You can register at any event.

You must register and sign our waiver in order to participate. Registration gets you the magic wristband that will ensure your entry to every event, ride, and meal listed on the itinerary. Period. No wrist band, no fun, no kidding.

Questions? You can email us at:

Or join us on our Ning group:
Sin in the Second City

Itinerary Essential Info
9pm: Welcome back and registration Party @ Holiday Club

Map of Locations
Printable Itinerary
Group Ride Safety
Scooter Riding Tips
SHXV Ning Group

Special Thanks To:
Heck's Angels Scooter Club
May Day Scooter Club
Secret Society Scooter Club
Chicago Scooter Club
2 Stroke Buzz
7pm: Meet and Greet @ Broken Cherry clothing store
8pm: City cruising ride
9pm: Bands, karaoke, and DJ's @ Phyllis' Musical Inn
Midnight Ride

11am: Breakfast @ Ace Motorcycle and Scooter
1pm: Historic Ride of Chicago
4pm: Ride ends @ Wiener Circle
7pm: Chicago Outfit Roller Derby
  (Tickets are $10 at Registration or $15 at the door)
10pm: Post-Bout night ride to SuperDawg
1am: After Party @ Underbar

11am: Brunch @ Fireside
  (This is a Dutch event, so bring $$$)
1pm: Scooter Show, Gymkana, Pig Roast,
and Raffle @ Motoworks

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