Slaughterhouse 24:24 Karat Old


Chicago's oldest, best (and only) scooter rally is back for its 24rd year! Join old and new scooter friends in Chicago on Labor Day weekend for a weekend of riding, eating, drinking, and bowling!

If you have questions, please get hold of us at or visit SLAUGHTERHOUSE 24 on Facebook.

More info will be posted there (and here) as it's available.


>PREREGISTRATION CLOSED on 8/11. Thanks to everyone who pre-registered, you'll get a t-shirt and goodie bag.

If you didn't pre-register, we'd still love to have you, but please register on-site as early as possible to ensure you get a patch and goodie bag. Registration is $25.

We'll do our best to accomodate anyone who wants to bowl Saturday Night, but only pre-registrants are guaranteed a spot in the tournament. Ask at registration.

Note that the Eric Dregni book release party on Sunday requires pre-registration here.


Friday, August 31st

7-10:30 Reggies Music Joint, 2105 S State St, for registration, meet and greet, grab a drink and a bite to eat. Music by Feel the Rhythm featuring DJs Jimmy "Wellcharge" Becker and CHema Skandal

10:30-12 our famous midnight ride! This year, we'll be exploring the many mysteries and hazards of Chinatown, plus new views of the Loop and some other stuff probably, too! Here's a Google map (works on desktop browser only)

12-2 Ride ends up at the Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia Ave.

Saturday, September 1st

8-11 Surge Coffee Bar & Billiards, 3241 W Montrose Ave. Register and enjoy coffee from Abacus Coffee Roasters, pastries, pool, DJ D.Read (of Bashment on Ashland and the Superhero of Soul, The Mighty Djan, as you slowly realize what a terrible mistake you've made hanging out with us.

11-2 RIDE RIDE RIDE Maps: first half and second half (works on desktop browser only)

2-4 Motoworks, 1901 S Western Ave, for BBQ, a cuppatwotree beers, hangin' out, and relaxing

7-11 Fireside Bowl, 2648 W Fullerton Ave, for the Inaugural Slaughterhouse Bowling Classic, our third annual Silent Raffle™, DJs, drinks, and reminiscing about the many great shows you went to here as a teenager. We'll get an hour each from DJ Jeffrey Gilman of These Old Men They Play Records, DJ Ivanna Riot (Delilah's), DJ DC Lies, and "DJ" Beebs.

11-5 Late Bar 3534 W Belmont Ave for more drinks, more dancing, more fun! No cover for anyone with a rally wristband!

Sunday, September 2nd

10:30-12 Eataly Chicago, 43 E Ohio St, for a presentation by The Life Vespa author Eric Dregni, plus some fancy Italian nibbles and prosecco ($20 per person, not included in the rally fee. event info here.)



You MUST register and sign the waiver (and wear your wristband at all times) to participate in group rides, games, meals, and most events.

$25 registration gets you an embroidered patch, some swag (while swag supplies last), food and drink at some events, and your wristband. T-shirts only available with pre-registration. A few bowling spots may be available (at extra charge) first-come, first-served, ask when you register.

We'll try to accept credit cards on-site, but please pre-register or bring cash to be safe.


Visitors and spectators are welcome to check out the scene at their own risk. Anyone who hasn't registered and signed the waiver is not a participant in the rally and may not participate in rides, games, meals, etc.

Kids are welcome (with guardian) at some events, but may learn some new words and may end up making some bad decisions later in life. Some venues are 21+ Email us with any specific questions, or check with the venue.

More Information


All times subject to "scooter time," and weather but we're better than you'd think about staying on schedule, so please arrive early (and gassed-up!) for rides and other events. Check the facebook page for last-minute schedule changes and announcements, especially if the weather doesn't cooperate.


It's Chicago, it's Labor Day weekend. Make plans soon. If you need suggestions or advice, the facebook page or AirBnB can help.


Please familiarize yourself with these Motorcycle Safety Foundation guidelines for group riding, Illinois motorcycle laws and Chicago scooter parking laws. Note that all motorscooters including 50cc models ARE considered motorcycles in Illinois and must follow all motorcycle laws. Pay close attention to pre-ride directions about blocking, formations, and regrouping locations. Please do not attempt to be 'helpful' with vigilante blocking. Seriously. please. NO. We will do our best to keep the group together, provide clear directions and route/contact info, and offer help to breakdowns. If you do break down or get lost, just stop somewhere safe, get out of traffic, and call the help numbers printed in the rally booklet. We'll send someone to help, or give you directions to the next checkpoint.

Rides are held at "scooter speeds," Motormocyclez, mopeds, etc. are welcome if you can safely keep pace with scooters.


Brains are sexy. We wear helmets and we hope you will, too. Eye protection is mandatory. You must possess a current license appropriate to your scooter in the state of your current residence. Your scooter should have an up-to-date title, plates, and insurance. All lights, brakes, mirrors and other required equipment should be working properly. The temperature/weather can be (and usually is) all over the place, bring appropriate gear. An armored jacket, riding gloves and reasonably-safe closed-toe leather shoes are very highly recommended. Flip flops are gross, no one wants to see your ugly toes.

The small but ridiculously important type: This rally is organized by a loosely-knit and ever-changing group of volunteers who do it for your enjoyment in the spirit of the long tradition of reciprocal hospitality across the worldwide scooter culture. Please understand that the individual organizers, sponsors, and venues accept no liability for damage, theft, loss, or injury on behalf of the rally. By signing the waiver and participating in this event, you've chosen to accept accountability for any risks incurred. If you do not sign the waiver, you are not a participant in the rally.

Ride responsibly! There's a time and place for a bit of goodnatured jackassery and we respect that. We're adults. But riding/driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, violating the rules of the road, endagering other riders, pedestrians or drivers, and/or vandalizing property will annul your participation in the rally an you will be asked to leave and/or be reported to the police. If you're going to drink, remember that one in three Chicagoans is an Uber or Lyft driver and there are 12,000 rideshare vehicles within a mile of you at all times. We can help get your scooter locked up somewhere safe, and get you home safely.

One more thing: Feeling left out? Feeling DIFFERENT? Scootering is full of cliques, weirdoes, sub-subcultures and inside jokes. Some of us have been friends since others of us were born. We'll do our best to make everyone feel welcome, and everyone IS welcome, and if someone is making you not feel welcome, please let us know. On the other hand, some of us gravitate towards old friends, so don't take that personally. If you wanna make some friends, don't show off, don't try to out-scooter us, just introduce yourself, buy someone a drink, or offer to help out with something, that almost always works!