Remember all those goodtimes in 2020?

Neither do we. But one of the few bright spots in our terrible year was Slaughterhouse 26. It wasn't the Slaughterhouse we wanted, but it was the Slaughterhouse we needed. It got us all out of the house for a couple days, we saw friends we hadn't seen all year, we got to stand around in a few parking lots and catch up. It was about as fun as 2020 got. Back then we all said "Don't worry, thing's'll be back to normal next year."

With vaccinations and most people being pretty responsible, things were looking good there for a little while. We had high hopes, even a month ago, that we'd be back in big groups in small spaces. Legally, we could go nuts, but the way things are looking, we're still just not comfortable with that. No one got sick last year, and we're proud of that, so let's be responsible and set a good example again, just to be safe.

So… that leaves scooter-riding on the agenda, and that's just what we'll do. We'll meet for rides on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening. Ride lengths and locations vary so you can pick whichever you're interested in, then just show up, sign a waiver, pick up your patch, and ride. COME EARLY to register, or be ON TIME for the rider meetings. Show up with a full tank.

Get hold of us at, mark yourself as "going" on the facebook event page, and watch this space for updates as we get closer. Thanks!

CLICK HERE TO register!!

With things scaled back, and no meals or drinks or goodie bags, the fee remains a low $10, which includes your limited-edition "Slaughterhouse Whatever" patch. Look at that beauty (above)! Here's the link again. All proceeds (the better part of your $10) will be donated to My Block My Hood My City. And feel free to donate more, just pay extra when you register.

Remember, patches are limited, so register now to save time at the rally AND to ensure you get a patch.

If you can't make it, but you love Slaughterhouse
register anyway. That 100% counts as you being here and keeping your "Slaughterhouse streak" alive, and you're supporting a great charity. We'll mail your patch, donate on your behalf, and hold you close to our hearts. Be sure to send your mailing address to

If you don't care about the patch, no worries, just show up and ride. We WILL insist you sign the waiver and get a wristband, but there's no charge for that.

T-SHIRTS ARE AVAILABLE! Order via Threadless. Again, all proceeds (after Threadless takes their cut) go to My Block My Hood My City. There are various styles of shirts and hoodies available, plus face masks and a mug for Kathy. Regular shipping is free on $45+ orders before September 21, with code FREESHIP821.

2021 Itinerary

Come a bit early, with a full tank of gas to register and/or pick up your patch. If you've already registered at an earlier ride, be there on time for the ride meeting and LISTEN to instructions. WE WILL LEAVE ON TIME, we don't want to spend time standing around in groups when we don't have to. Bring sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and water. Probably in separate containers would be best, if you mix it all together it won't work. Please check the facebook event page for any last minute event/schedule changes!

Friday, September 3, 2020

Meet at Winnemac Park around 8pm. Hang out for a bit, ride rolls out at 9:30. (ROUTE) The Lambretta Club USA Chicago chapter will lead the group ride up Sheridan and into Highland Park, then come back down through the Skokie Lagoons, swing by the Leaning Tower of Niles, and end up at Superdawg (Milwaukee/Devon) around 11:30.

Saturday, September 4, 2020

Meet up at Elly's in Jefferson Park. Come early for a great breakfast (at your expense). The ride rolls out at noon. Ride (ROUTE) will lead west to Busse Woods for a little chill, then back into the city. We'll end up at Scooterworks around 4pm. We'll hang at Scooterworks for a while, and Ken'll have the grill fired up (RUMORS OF FAJITAS!) and cold bevvies waiting.

Go freshen up if you like, then c'mon down to Big League Burgers at 6:00pm where All Mod Chicago and Vespa Club of America's Chicago Chapter will be hosting live rock, reggae, and soul DJs outdoors. Eat some more burgers (the "Challenge" is free if you can eat it in 25 min!), have a drink from the bar, and dance until the ride leaves at 8pm. The ride will head west up and around O'Hare Airport and through the western suburbs, ending at Gene and Jude's hot dog stand around 10pm (bring cash, and ketchup.) We'll socialize in the lot and maybe stop for a fancy drink at Hala Kahiki tiki bar before heading home.

Sunday, September 5, 2020

Beach ride leaves Hexe Coffee at 10am. We'll ride to Leone Beach/(Loyola Beach/Ropa Cabana) The beaches are literally right next to each other, but Leone has a better parking lot. It's pay parking, but SUPER cheap, and better scooter parking. Ropa Cabana has regional hot dogs (you thought we were done with hot dogs!?), walking tacos, shaved ice, and various soft drinks and caffeinated beverages. Or BYOS (bring your own sandwich)/BYOCCAB (bring your own carefully concealed adult beverage. We'll do fun beach stuff, look for some Rockers to rough up, then say our goodbyes.


More Information


Familiarize yourself with Chicago's Covid regulations Note there is a Chicago travel advisory for unvaccinated people coming from pretty much everywhere. Note that MASKS MUST BE WORN INDOORS in public places. Be smart, polite, and compassionate. We're not going to be checking vaccination cards, but if you're even possibly sick, have been exposed to the virus, are unvaccinated by choice, or you simply can't politely exist in a crowd of masked people without grumbling about 'your freedoms,' please stay the f**k home.


Things are weird, still, and anything could happen in the next couple weeks, we may revise or cancel events as necessary. Check the facebook page for last-minute schedule changes and announcements. Come a bit early with a full tank of gas to register and/or pick up your patch. If you've already registered at an earlier ride, be there on time for the ride meeting. WE WILL LEAVE ON TIME, we don't want to spend time standing around in groups when we don't have to. KEEP YOUR WRISTBAND ON all weekend.


RIDE SAFELY. Make sure your bike is in top condition, and wear all the gear you have. We highly recommend a full-face helmet, armored jacket, jeans, sturdy shoes/boots, and gloves, even if it's hot and sunny. As a bonus, gear may help protect you from the Ronny. At a bare minimum, humor us and wear a half-shell, face mask, eye protection, and decent shoes. Stay hydrated and sunscreened.

Please familiarize yourself with these Motorcycle Safety Foundation guidelines for group riding, Illinois motorcycle laws and Chicago scooter parking laws. Note that all motorscooters including 50cc models ARE considered motorcycles in Illinois and must follow all motorcycle laws. Pay close attention to pre-ride directions about blocking, formations, and regrouping locations. We will do our best to keep the group together, provide clear directions and route/contact info, and offer help to breakdowns. Just like last year, just weeks ago a huge group of just RIDICULOUSLY STUPID motorcyclists stirred up ill will with police and residents and made all motorized 2-wheel enthusiasts look bad, so again, be smart and be safe. If you do break down or get lost, just stop somewhere safe, get out of traffic, and call the help numbers announced before the ride. We'll send someone to help, or give you directions to the next checkpoint.

Rides are held at "scooter speeds." Motormocyclez, mopeds, etc. are welcome if you can safely keep pace with scooters.

Lodging/Out of Towners

While there's currently no Chicago travel order, and we'd love to see you, don't come if there's ANY risk involved. It's not worth it. We love you, we miss you, but we don't want to put you at risk, and vice versa. If you love Slaughterhouse and want to support it, PLEASE buy a patch, you'll be supporting a charity we love and you'll be here in spirit.

The small but ridiculously important type: This rally is organized by a loosely-knit and ever-changing group of volunteers who do it for your enjoyment in the spirit of the long tradition of reciprocal hospitality across the worldwide scooter culture. Please understand that the individual organizers, sponsors, and venues accept no liability for damage, theft, loss, or injury on behalf of the rally. By participating in this event, you've chosen to accept accountability for any risks incurred.

Ride responsibly! Ride safely, be responsible, take COVID seriously, respect other scooterists, and follow the rules, or don't come.