1:00pm: Meet at Baron Von Scoot, 1706 North Ave. for giveaways and snacks.

2:00 pm: Group ride to rally site leaves from Baron Von Scoot, The ride will LEAVE at 2:00, so come earlier. and be ready to ride out by 2pm. The ride will arrive at Krispy Kreme before 3:00 and make a brief stop. (If you're coming from out of town or you live on the west or south side, you might want to join the ride at Krispy Kreme.)

3:00 pm: Group ride leaves parking lot between Portillo's Hot Dogs and Krispy Kreme (5640 South Harlem, just south of Archer in southwest suburban Summit). The ride will leave promptly at 3:00, please don't be late.

Limited aupport trucks will be available, but if you have a rickety (OK, most of our bikes are pretty rickety, but if you KNOW you don't have a chance of making it to the Krispy Kreme, let alone 50+ miles to the site), please truck it down or leave earlier. The ride should take between 3-4 hours (from Baron Von Scoot) with groups divided by speed; 40mph/slower and 45mph and up. See the map for the group ride route. The group ride should arrive at the rally site between 5-6pm.

Please dress appropriately for the long ride. We recommend a Snell full-face helmet, gloves, jeans or other heavy pants, boots or heavy shoes, and at least a long-sleeve shirt. Bring a rainsuit in case of rain (remember, we need to come back on Sunday). Try to pack light and pack everything safely on your scooter or arrange to have someone drive your gear down to the site. There will be limited space on the support vehicles. Bring a good chain in case you break down and we need to pick it up later. Pack extra oil, cables, and bulbs, and any tools you may need.

5:00 pm: Registration opens at EJ Karz. Registration will be open all weekend for late arrivals, but PLEASE register as soon as you arrive to get your wristband. Registrtion is $20 and includes continental breakfasts Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Saturday, a goodie bag, a rally patch, camping fees, and after-hours kegs.

Bring extra cash for drinks, Friday dinner and Saturday lunch, swimming, raffle tickets, and pinewood derby entry. There will also be scooter shops selling spares and accessories, Slaughterhouse t-shirts, and a couple other vendors selling stuff if you're interested.

E.J. Karz is a bar and restaurant, and they will be open for lunch and dinner throughout the weekend. They serve awesome roadhouse food –burgers, fried chicken, etc.– at reasonable prices. There might be some other restaraunts around, but we sure don't know why you'd want to eat anywhere else!

8:00 pm: Karaoke/Variety show hosted by Matt Howie, drinking, etc. See Matt or let someone know at registration if you are interested in performing.

9:00 pm: Restaurant closes. Limited take-out menu will be available until close. We will NOT be playing "You Buy, I drink" this year. Promise.

1:00am: E.J. Karz' bar closes, 22LSC will provide a keg. Carry-out is available from E.J. Karz. They will be well-stocked, and we imagine Rae will still be surly in a lovable-kinda-way. NO OUTSIDE LIQUOR or BEER is allowed at the site, and we will crack down. Violators will lose their wristbands, no refund. The venue was exceedingly right-on last year, and has bent over backwards to accomodate us. Their one request is that we purchase all alcohol from them. It's a great place and their prices are reasonable, so please cooperate. Do not fear a beer shortage. There will be no such thing. They learned their lesson last year.