10:00 am: Free pastries and coffee served. Clean up and pack up. or hang out: EJ Karz is hosting a Poker Run on Sunday, we've been welcomed to participate. Last year the prize was a Harley, how fun would it be to win it, on your Vespa? It could happen. It should happen.

Otherwise, nothing's really planned for Sunday. Ask around if you're looking to find someone with whom to ride back into Chicago, small groups will be leaving at various times, but there's no mass rideout. If tradition holds up, someone will host a smallish party/BBQ of some sort back in the city, then we'll all go out dancing. If you're staying in Chicago Sunday night, please don't waste your money on a hotel, call us. or if you want to hang out and camp Sunday night, go right ahead.


Neither Second to Last Scooter Club, nor it's members, sponsors, assignees, or venues are responsible for any personal injury or damage or theft of property as a result of participation in this rally or any associated events. Second to Last Scooter Club does not encourage unsafe riding, riding while intoxicated, or riding without the appropriate licenses, insurance, and experience. In registering for this rally, all participants will release Second to Last Scooter Club and its members, sponsors, asignees, and EJ Karz from any claims against or associated with the rally, and allowing their (clothed) image to be used in promotion of future 22LSC events.

Alcohol will not be served to those under 21. Underage drinking will result in loss of wristband and associated privileges without refund. Alcohol brought in from outsde the premises wll be confiscated and violators will lose wristbands and all privileges without refund.

People of all ages, sexes, colors, and creeds (although not members of the musical group Creed) are welcome, with any scooter or motorcycle (except yellow-and-black Yamaha RZs) or without. If you're bringing your kids, they will probably learn some new words.

If you go to bed early, bring earplugs.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Slater and Mike Stirk

Please please please wear a helmet. A real one.

Disclaimer: We're all BGPs

All your rights are belong to us.