Slaughterhouse I Tinley Park, 1995
Moe Balazs and Kristin Frazer organized the first Slaughterhouse rally at a
family campground near World Music Center, It was a great success, as more than 100 people came, bringing along 30 or 40 scooters. DJs Brian and Dan provided the music until we were all hassled by the conservative owners to go to bed at 10:00.

Slaughterhouse II Aurora, 199(backwards)6
After days of rain and flooding all over Chicagoland, only a brave handful of scooterists showed up for Slaughterhouse II. It turned out to be one of the best rallies ever, as the few participants bonded and made the best of it! A trek to MeetBalls for
Karaoke topped off the "Weekend We Met Andy Miller," who shortly after this rally moved to Chicago and became a close member of our soon-to-be-club.

Scooter Madness Chicago, 1996
Backed by a large tobacco company, Bryan Bedell organized this weekend city rally. Afterwards, Bryan got together with Moe, Kristen, Jack Benigno, and a few other avid scooterists to form Second To Last Scooter Club, with their main function being the organization of the Slaughterhouse Rally.

Slaughterhouse III: The Big Sellout Chicago, 1997
The big-money cigarette sponsor was back for this one, and it was another doozy. We moved it back into the city, with events at
Exit, and Twisted Spoke, and a show at Thurston's featuring Hi-Fi and the Roadburners, the Aldermen, and Deal's Gone Bad. Registration returned to the over-100 mark, but many more people attended the show, with more than 60 scooters parked outside.

Slaughterhouse 4: Scootzilla Chicago, 1998
Our second urban rally was an even bigger hit, as we visited Ace Cafe, The Note, and a sold-out show at Metro with The Jinx, The Adjusters, and Deal's Gone Bad. Attendance rose again, to more than 120 registrations, and hundreds at the show.

Slaughterhouse 5 Chicago, 1999
Slaughterhouse caught up with the Vonnegut novel and continued to grow as we took over the
Subterranean on Friday night, met for brunch at Jinx on Saturday, then rode around the city before a barbecue and games at The Hideout followed by an awesome show headlined by Mega Super Ultra.

Slaughterhouse 6: Deathscoot 2000 Mazon, IL, 2000
With an ever-growing registration and more and more out-of-towners making the trek to Chicago, we decided to return to a camping rally. The perfect venue was found:
EJ Karz! It was not too far form the city but allowed us enough space and resources to keep plenty of people entertained long into the night. Bicycle Rider, Pop Quiz & Mega Super Ultra rocked the crowd of over 160 registrants on Saturday night, with more than 80 scooters.

Slaughterhouse 7: Kicked out of the Webelos Mazon, IL, 2001
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